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Offering web development, design, maintenance, and SEO services for WordPress and other website platforms.

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Services Offered

Website Creation

Create a brand new website for individuals or organizations.

Includes SSL certificate, a Monthly Maintenance Plan and a Basic SEO Setup

Web Development and Design

Website Development and Design Tasks that I perform includes:

  • Making sites responsive for mobile, tablet, desktop devices
  • Theme and Template Customization
  • Plugin Customization and Creation
  • E-commerce (Woocommerce)
  • Site Style and Color Guide Creation
  • Auditing your website for accessibility and usability


Website Maintenance

Need advice with hosting and/or managing your domain(s)?

Need help debugging an issue with your website?

Does your website feel slow or broken?

Are you not sure what to do?

Get your site optimized and up to date now.

Get this plan to make sure your site is secure and fast.

SEO and Marketing

Get your site indexed and tagged by the major search engines.

Find a solution to watch traffic going to and leaving your website.

Get alerted to issues that may hinder your website’s growth.

Receive a SEO audit.

Integrate third-party services to your website.

About Me

I am a South Florida based freelance web developer/designer.

My educational background is in Information Technology and Mass Communication.

My specialization is WordPress and Web Development.

Current and previous clients includes nonprofits, startups, photographers, musicians, etc.

I enjoy helping customers solve their web related issues.

If you want to have a chat with me, leave a message on my contact page →. Make sure to take a look at my portfolio → and my services →.

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My Portfolio

See my best work

Latest Project

Panacea Financial – Bank for Doctors Web Development and Consulting

  • Helped to redevelop pages to match new designs
  • Helped to Improve site speed and SEO
  • Website troubleshooting
  • Created Elementor templates and modules
  • Created conditional elements
  • Website Consulting and Auditing
  • Helped with site integrations and installing tracking scripts