SeaWater Pro LLC Website Customization


Seawater Pro LLC is site where marine desalination units can be purchased for boats. The main goal of this project was to recreate a website where customers, distributors, and resellers could either purchase a custom watermaker unit or a purchase premade watermaker unit. The store also sells spare parts for watermakers and has lots information about watermaker options that are available.


Tasks completed so far includes:

  • Migration to WordPress and Woocommerce
  • Created a Spare Parts Page
  • Created a 1 click buy watermaker page
  • SEO and Speed Optimization
  • Created a Customized Product Page
  • Keeping track of site issues.
  • Using the Elementor page builder allowing for the site owner to make quick edits of content
  • Integration of third-party payment processors Stripe, Square, and Paypal
  • Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Adwords Integration
  • Customization of the Formidable Form plugin for website notifications
  • Creation of a privacy policy, faq, fulfillment policy pages to satisfy payment processors and answer the questions of potential customers.
  • Cart and Checkout Page customization
  • Adding Accessibility and Responsive Guidelines
  • Creating Listings on Ebay
  • Customer Support

Tools and Technology:
WordPress Plugin Customization
WordPress Theme Customization
Graphic Design
Logo Creation
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Adwords
Technical and Website Support

The stores shop pages, resources, and reviews are constantly being updated. Prices and information are constantly being updated for the Australian reseller at SeaWater Pro Australia and Seawater Pro Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

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Front page

1 click buy watermakers

seawater pro customized watermaker

Customized Watermaker

Help Choosing a Watermaker

Help Choosing a Watermaker

Spare parts - SeaWater Pro

Spare parts